What we believe

We think deeply about our faith at SOMC. This means that we won’t necessarily be able to give a short answer to complex questions. And that we won’t all agree about every detail of what we believe, and are comfortable with this. The best way to find out about us in depth is come along and see.

Most of what we believe we hold in common with the vast majority of Christian churches. We believe in a God of love who created us and all things. In Jesus Christ, God became fully human. Through Jesus’ life, death on a cross and resurrection we can be reconciled with God and our broken world restored. God continues to be present with us today through God’s Holy Spirit, inviting each of us into relationship with the divine and transforming us and our world.

We ask our members what makes SOMC distinctive they often talk about our passion for social justice, valuing people of all generations, and celebrating diversity of race, sexuality and abilities.

We are part of the Methodist Church of Great Britain which is committed to being a growing, evangelistic, inclusive, justice-seeking Church – so that new people become disciples of Jesus Christ, faith deepens for everyone, and diverse communities and churches experience transformation.

More locally we are part of Birmingham Methodist Circuit, a group of 3,000 Christians diffused across Birmingham, Sollihull and the neighbouring edge of Warwickshire. The Birmingham website gives a good explanation of what Methodists stand for and why.

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