What to expect

If you arrive on a Sunday when we are gathered for worship there will be someone at the door to greet you and explain where to go.

We have a car park (disabled parking in front of the building, other spaces at the back via the driveway immediately to the left of the building) and a bicycle rack. There is no particular dress code, come in whatever makes you feel comfortable.

Words we say together and songs we sing will be projected on the screen to the right of the stage. Hymn books are available on the way in for anyone who would prefer to use these or struggles to read screens at long distance. The numbers of the songs we will be singing are on a board above the piano to the left of the stage. We also have a hearing aid loop, with the best reception on this being towards the sides of the room.

Most people usually choose to stand to sing.

At some point in the service a plate may be passed around for an “offering” or “collection” towards the financial costs of running of our church and projects we support. There is no obligation to make a donation, especially if you are new or visiting. Some people make cash donations and some donate by standing order.

Approximately once each month we share in “Holy Communion”, re-enacting Jesus final meal with his followers 2,000 years ago using bread and non-alcoholic wine. Anyone who considers themselves to be a Christian, or who wants to be a follower of Jesus, is welcome to come up to the front and receive the bread and wine. Equally you are welcome to not share in these. If you find walking difficult but would like to receive bread and wine, please mention to the person who invites you to come forward, and we will happily bring these to you.

If you come with children or teenagers, someone will speak with you about the separate sessions available for them that morning. Usually we begin worship together, with children and young people leaving to these part way through. A creche is available for parents/ carers of toddlers or babies who wish to make use of it.

We hope you have time to join us for a tea or coffee after worship. The person leading worship will usually position themselves by the door afterwards and will be happy to direct you which way to go for this.

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