Learning together

Our greatest resource is each other!

What could you share with us here?

Examples might include links to study aids, ideas for worship, materials for reflection. Sermon materials might be welcome too!!

Symbols and Reflections

Just as the people visiting, worshipping, or connected in many other ways are both local and international, so too is the 'fabric' of the church building itself.

Why not have a look around inside as we point out some items to look for and points to ponder: Symbols and Reflections.


Visit our bookshop where you'll find useful links and reviews to both religious and popular books.

Purchase books, music (CD and DVD),gifts, software etc.. raise money for the work of Selly Oak Methodist Church in the process!

The Lord's Prayer

Reflecting the fact that for many people attending Sunday Morning Worship at SOMC English is not 'mother tongue' all are invited to say the Lord's Prayer in whichever language feels most natural.

Here you can find the Lords Prayer in 1049 languages and dialects (approx.!)

An introduction to World Religions

The BBC have prepared a rough guide to world religions.

These pages include some useful links.

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